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Workshops Forge your own sword in the Forge of Avalon.

The Forge of Avalon is located in south west England, in Glastonbury, the legendary Isle of Avalon, and one time ancient capital of Wessex.

Learn to forge your own sword, and the secrets of swordsmithing under the shadow of Glastonbury Tor.

The Forge of Avalon is just a thirty minute drive from Bristol Airport, and around two hours from London, not only a magical place to learn new skills, but also ideal for family holidays with Glastonbury boasting abbey ruins, museums, markets, cafes, traditional pubs, and a wide range of eclectic shops, and the historic cities of Wells, Bath, Bristol and Taunton and the North Somerset coast being but a short drive away.

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Workshops - Forge of Avalon

Gift Vouchers
Just the ticket ... our vouchers are valid throughout 2017, and available all year round. Gift vouchers are available for all our workshops or items for sale - how much or how little you spend is up to you. If you're searching for an extraordinary present for the sword enthusiast in your life, be it for Christmas, or for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, or just because ... then look no further ... we can help!

An Introduction to Blacksmithing - Taster Day
Ever wanted to try your hand at forging? This is a one day "taster" workshop, open to all, allowing you to experience first hand the craft of traditional blacksmithing to produce your own hand-forged items. Test your mettle ! The Forge of Avalon is pleased to offer a number of dates for this one day workshop, but please note places are strictly limited so early booking is highly recommended ... and for those of you stuck for ideas for the gift with a difference why not treat someone special to a truly unforgettable experience! These classes will now run throughout 2017, so watch out for further dates ... Cost of Workshop - 172 p.p

Minimum number of participants: 3

20.07.2017Please contact Richard@forgeofavalon.com
17.08.2017Please contact Richard@forgeofavalon.com
08.09.2017Please contact Richard@forgeofavalon.com

The Basics of the Art of Swordmaking
This is a beginners course designed with those of you in mind who are interested in learning the trade. Covering all the aspects of basic blacksmithing and blade smithing, this workshop should provide you with the background knowledge to get going on your own. Over this three day workshop we will cover - learning about the efficient use of both coke and gas forges, the etiquette of blacksmithing (including health and safety features), how to use the hammer and the anvil and vice, and the art of ergonomic forging ... to produce on the first day small hand-forged items - such as nails (more tricky than you may think!) and rivets. The rivet is needed to complete the pair of forging tongs needed for the next part of the course. Day 2 will deal with advanced forging techniques, stretching and shaping the metal and using the hand tools efficiently. We will cover the heat treatment of the steel and the hardening process, and learning the correct annealing and tempering colours of the metal. The aim is for you to demonstrate your mastery of the materials and with this in mind you will forge your own utility knife of an Iron Age style, including learning about ring forging ...then you will be ready to start on forging your own Celtic style short sword - the objective of Day 3. These classes will now run throughout 2017, so watch out for further dates ... Cost of Workshop - 498 p.p

Maximum number of participants: 5 *

20.07.2017 - 22.07.2017 Please contact Richard@forgeofavalon.com
17.08.2017 - 19.08.2017Please contact Richard@forgeofavalon.com
08.09.2017 - 10.09.2017Please contact Richard@forgeofavalon.com

Handle making day
In this One-day course you learn how to make and assemble the handles for swords and knives. You will be taught how to make a few different handles including plain wood and wire or leather wrap. This class is the perfect addition to The Basics of the Art of Swordmaking. These classes will now run throughout 2017, so watch out for further dates ... Cost of Workshop - 140 p.p Price includes basic materials, optional extras are available, at additional cost.

Maximum number of participants: 5 *

Forge Your Own Sword
This is a four day workshop open to anyone who has always dreamed of forging their own Knightly Sword in the style of the Late Middle Ages. Over four days, we will start with the rudimentary aspects of sword making, learning the efficient use of blacksmithing tools and working with fire and steel, to forge a basic blade in preparation for the great work to come! The blade will then be forged to shape with a fuller. The blade will then be heat treated to give the maximum strength ... but we are not finished yet ! The blade needs its crowning glory, we will forge the the pommel and crossguard - to your taste and ability, and fit the component parts to the blade, completed with a hand crafted hardwood grip. All that remains is for you to pose heroically under the shadow of Glastonbury Tor ... proudly with sword in hand - there are few places more atmospheric in which to Forge Your Own Sword, and few as skilled as the master swordsmith who will guide you through the process. These classes will now run throughout 2017, so watch out for further dates ... To have a look at what goes on, follow the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PuLBILXuS4 Cost of Workshop - 684 p.p.

Maximum number of participants: 5 *

13.07.2017 - 16.07.2017Please contact Richard@forgeofavalon.com
10.08.2017 - 13.08.2017Please contact Richard@forgeofavalon.com
31.08.2017 - 03.09.2017Please contact Richard@forgeofavalon.com

Scabbard making class , 1 day
A real sword needs a scabbard, for safety and to carry around whilst on knightly business. Maybe you have a nice old sword that doesn't have one, or has a crappy one, maybe a store-bought sword that you want to personalise? This class will teach you to make a traditional wooden core, leather covered sword scabbard, with different options for belt mountings. This is the perfect completion to the Forge your own Sword class. There is an option to spend an extra day with us, which will cover belt making, leather tooling fancy fittings. These classes will now run throughout 2017, so watch out for further dates ... Cost of basic Workshop - 200 p.p Price includes basic materials, a large range of optional extras are available, at additional cost.

Maximum number of participants: 5 *

Bowie knife class, 2 days
In this two day class, you will create your own frontier period Bowie knife. Perfect for camping trips, barbeques and seeing off wild animals! Day one will see you forging your blade to shape, heat treating the blade for durability, grinding and finishing the blade. You will also forge and shape your cross-guard. On Day two you will mount your blade on a hardwood handle of your creation, and sew your own leather sheath to protect your new knife. Full tuition will be given at every stage of the process, the price includes basic material costs. Optional extras are available, such as stag antler grips, damascus steel blade material etc.. These classes will now run throughout 2017, so watch out for further dates ... Cost of Workshop - 300 p.p

Maximum number of participants: 5 *

Please note there is a minimum number of participants for these workshops. Should a class be under-subscribed for some reason, you will be offered a choice of alternative dates.

The Art of Pattern Welding
a five-day advanced workshop, exploring the ancient art of producing Damascus steel. Maximum number of participants: 5

Please contact us for details of the courses.

Corporate Training Days
inspire your workforce with a dynamic master class with a difference, these workshops can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help.

We can arrange alternative dates for group bookings etc, please feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can help.

The courses we offer cover a full spectrum of smithing work, from basic smithing techniques to forging your own blades and pattern welding, and all are taught by Richard S. Hoecker, the Swordsmith.

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