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Whilst the majority of the blades produced at the Forge of Avalon are on a commission only basis, there is the occasional opportunity to buy from stock.

The following pieces are availabe now, please click "To Order" should you wish to purchase any of these items. The goods detailed are sold on a "first come, first served" basis. Prices include delivery to mainland UK (for other destinations please contact us for details of shipping costs), and goods will be dispatched promptly upon receipt of full, cleared payment, which can be made by bank transfer, cheque, or postal order, but we currently cannot accept card payments. Before contacting us by e.mail please read the disclaimer carefully.

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Roman Spatha

This ring-pommelled sword is based on the type of weapon that would have been wielded by a Roman cavalry officer. The 220 layered pattern welded blade bears the mark of the Tenth Legion "LEGX" - Caesar`s favourite legion. The hilt is made from locally sourced wild Exmoor deer antler - to produce a unique piece, hand-forged at the Forge of Avalon. Overall length 840mm Blade length 680mm Blade width 40mm Weight 778g
price available on request

Christmas Gift Voucher

Just the ticket ... our vouchers are valid throughout 2016, and available all year round. Gift vouchers are available for all our workshops or items for sale - how much or how little you spend is up to you. If you're searching for an extraordinary present for the sword enthusiast in your life, be it for Christmas, or for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, or just because ... then look no further ... we can help!
price available on request

Roman Gladius

A fine Mainz-Fulham Gladius forged with Ferrum Noricum - Romano-Celtic steel. Note the photograph of the cross section of the blade showing the details of the piled construction, also pictured are a selection of the Noric steel billets including an off cut of the actual steel used in the forging of this unique blade. This fine museum quality blade is sold with the cross section, the off cut of the original steel and a certificate of authenticity. The blade length is 490mm, the blade width 52mm, and the weight 710g. Available as the naked blade or can be finished with a fine ebony, bone, and bronze hilt.
price available on request


This is a good copy of an English 14th Century Falchion, the original being held in a French private collection. The falchion with its distinctive shape holds an outstanding and time honoured place in British history as the archer's most favoured weapon after the longbow itself. The sturdy plain steel blade has a fuller in the upper part. The hilt has a slightly used finish for the battle hardened look. The handle is of wood and leather construction, the balance point is 60mm in front of the S shaped crossguard. The blade length is 610mm, the blade width at the guard is 45mm, the overall length of the falchion is 805mm and weighs 1.7kg. It has a live blade.
£ 640.00 - sold

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